Is there any additional advantage of this course with my professional education degree/certificate?  
AE's courses are designed based on practical knowledge by highly skilled professional, which will be very usefull/advantage in profession careers.  
One can learn the basics in couple of weeks/months for which he would otherwise run around for next 5 yrs for his career.  
Workshops/Projects included within the course shall provide experience and confidence.  
Those who are already pursuing the career in the field of oil and gas can share the difficulties and seek best possible solutions through parley/while training.  
How do I get a course catalog and admission?  
For our most up to date courses, including brochures, write to info@aryanengineering.com.  
Does AEI offer on-site training for businesses and outside organizations?  
Yes, through custom courses that can be designed and conducted exclusively for a company's specific needs. These courses often cost less and are designed to help businesses and organizations. For more information contact at info@aryanengineering.com  
How do I balance the demands of the program with my career, my family life, and my personal needs?  
The Executive Education programs are also designed specifically for professionals who do not wish to leave their full-time positions. Classes meet periodically according to the program to give students time to complete assignments and meet other obligations. However, enrollment in the program is a large undertaking and will compete with other demands. You should carefully consider your decision to apply after securing the support of your employer, family, and other people who you depend upon  
Am I eligible for one of the courses?  
Any individual who is Graduate engineer (Mechanical / Chemical / Production / Industrial / Instrumentation / Petroleum / Civil engineering) / final year student also welcome, who is a GT in some company, Draft's men-ITI, Diploma holders in engineeering, computer professionals, or experienced engineers student can enroll for the course.  

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